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  • Shaun & Sandra have been assisting the software developer, Fernando Santos (EMTOMO), with the development and testing of VLF2DMF since 2007
  • Testing consisted of running various VLF surveys “blindly” over known deposits with a 100% success rate in outlining the envelope of mineralization
  • Case histories are available. Email for information

Success Stories

  • Outlined the Parkin Offset Deposit for Wallbridge Mining
  • Discovered 9 New Breccia pipes in the Tribag Mine area of Batchawana Bay
  • Outlined the Boa Fe Deposit in Portugal for Colt Resources
  • Detected the possible source of the McFadden Boulder Train for SNIPGold. Assays returned with results as high as 375g/t Au
  • Outlined the two Ore zones blindly at the Hart Gold Sugar Zone Deposit


A cost-effective geophysical survey using the small, handheld Geonics EM16 Receiver. We could also use the gem systems magnetometer and VLF combo unit.

Delineates disseminated sulfides, shear zones, breccias, contacts and silicified zones

No exploration permits required

Non evasive (no line cutting necessary)

2D inversion models

Raw Data, Fraser Filter, Karous-Hjelt Filter and Resistivity Profiles

Works in a variety of environments

Historical VLF data can be reprocessed using our software

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